The Next Hot Job in Silicon Valley is for Poets

In the Washington Post, Elizabeth Dwoskin took note of the growing need for creative writers in the world of virtual assistant and bot building.

Not aspiring to be human — and having a sense of humor about it — are attributes that can have the added benefit of making users more forgiving of a virtual assistant’s limitations and mistakes, said Cathy Pearl, director of user experience at And as anyone who has used a virtual assistant knows, they make a lot of them. The technology is still young, and its capacity to handle situations is restricted by the limited information it has been exposed to. Artfully conveying that a bot recognizes that it doesn’t know something is one of the most challenging aspects of writing for AI, she said.

Unfortunately, the two health-related virtual assistants the author cited as examples are just the sort of godawful anthropomorphic, uncanny-valley dwellers that give intelligent agents a bad name.

Molly. She'll give you prescription advice. She'll haunt your dreams.

Molly. She’ll give you prescription advice. She’ll haunt your dreams.

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